"The problem is, you think you have time" -- Buddha. Don't waste another minute of your life.

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Career Discovery Services

The guidance you need to sort through the myriad of ideas that you have running through your head and proven clarity and direction towards viable career paths specifically suited to your passions and skills.


What is A Golden Parachute?

Learn more about Golden Parachutes - the premiere career consulting firm serving mid and senior-level professionals looking to transition into careers more in line with their passions and values.

Golden Parachutes 

What Clients Are Saying

See what results clients have obtained using Monique's career discovery process.


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What My Clients Say!

I was invigorated and excited about the focus and direction that Monique helped me to find. Her thorough coaching process was insightful and eye-opening and I refer back to her final recommendations report often as a reminder of my "master plan." I'm pleased to say that I've since left my day job and going full steam ahead with my goals! I have been singing her praises high and low ever since! She is intuitive, professional and extremely personable. A definite blessing for me and my business! -- Stacey Ferguson, CEO, Life is The Party! http://JusticeFergie.com