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Escape from Corporate America

After twelve long years climbing the corporate ladder, I had all of the things that I thought I wanted. A six-figure salary, a fancy title, and an office with a view.

I had a “good job”, but I was miserable. Why? My job was demanding, but not challenging. Nothing about my work seemed meaningful or exciting anymore. I had finally climbed far enough up the ladder to see that I had no interest in climbing any higher. Worst of all, I was sick of feeling like a fraud.

My job dissatisfaction eventually had very visible effects on my personality. I was tired, I was cranky, and I was fat. I was tired of working endless hours, cranky about feeling trapped, and fat because the highlights of my day had become lunch and happy hour. Clearly, something had to give.

When I told my boss and co-workers that I was leaving to start my own consulting business, most of them thought I was insane. “Are you sure?” was the most popular response to my exciting news. They could understand the impulse – all of us had suffered together through countless layoffs and reorganizations and we were exhausted. But wasn’t I being a bit too hasty?

I felt like I had already waited too long. It was an undeniably scary, but unquestionably necessary move. I have never regretted the decision for a minute, not even during those scary first months when money was tight.


From Ladies Who Launch’s Blog – ladieswholaunch.typepad.com

Pamela Skillings is a member of the NY Incubator and the founder of Skillful Communications, a marketing consulting and copywriting agency. Pamela is also a journalist and the author of the upcoming Random House book, Escape from Corporate America.

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