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Leaving Corporate America: Jen Singer

It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was in Florida with my fellow advertising executives and our clients for a three-day meeting. I was watching my client try to schedule her son’s third birthday party into her day
planner. By the time she got through the meetings, marketing deadlines and product launches, she penciled the party in a month after his birthday. That’s when I decided that motherhood and Corporate America do not mix well.

I left advertising to start my own freelance writing business – before I had children. Now, I can schedule my work around my kids’ schedules. I write mostly when they’re in school, and I rarely take business trips that keep me away more than a night or two from home. This week, we celebrated my son’s eighth birthday… on the day before his birthday. Running my own business made that – and being at the school bus stop each day – possible.


From the Ladies Who Launch Blog – http://ladieswholaunch.typepad.com

Jen Singer is the creator of www.MommaSaid.net, a Forbes Best of the Web community for mothers, and the author of “14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime.”

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