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Founders of California Pizza Kitchen

The founders of California Pizza Kitchen – Larry Flax (67) and Rick Rosenfield (65) -  were once lawyers with a dream of escaping the rat race.  They originally thought to open a pasta bar but as they looked around, they noticed that there weren’t really any good pizza joints in their Glendale, CA neighborhood.  They knew they had to differentiate themselves, so they decided to feature gourmet products such as smoked gouda and barbecue chicken.

The two continue to operate as co-CEOs of the company. Today, publicly traded California Pizza Kitchen operates more than 250 restaurants in 33 states and nine countries; sells frozen products through Kraft Foods Inc.; and reports annual revenue of $677 million!!  That’s a lot of dough!  <– I know, that was corny, lol!

Read a fascinating interview with the pair here on WSJ.COM.

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