"The problem is, you think you have time" -- Buddha. Don't waste another minute of your life.

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Make Lemonade!

When life hands you lemons…

  • “I was so pissed because I didn’t see it coming.”
  • “Although others were being laid off, I figured, they COULD NOT let me go and survive.”
  • “I thought I was getting a promotion!”
  • “Whoever is sitting in THAT ROOM is going to get it.”
  • “The HR person came in with a hatchet and closed my door.”
  • “I texted my wife and wrote ‘FIRED’”

Surprise. Anger. Anxiety. Fear. Panic. Worry. Rage.  Ego Deflation. Failure.

These are the emotions you feel after hearing the words “We have to let you go.”

What do you do? How do you keep going?  Where do you go on Monday morning? Who are you? What will happen to your family?  HOW WILL YOU MAKE IT?????

We fall down…but we get up!” – Donnie McClurkin

A layoff can be absolutely devastating.  However, if you realize that your life is NOT defined by who you work for or what you DO, then a layoff can be the start of an amazing journey to discovering your authentic self.

I implore everyone to watch Lemonade by Eric Prolux.  Listen to former advertising execs telling of their experiences of getting laid off and the paths their lives took as a result. Watch the trailer below or view the full movie by visiting here.

…Make lemonade.

  • “Honestly, I was relieved.”
  • “Bitch. Moan. Complain. Be hung over the next day and make that the last day.”
  • “Sometimes there are things you love that you forget about. Put your energy in those things”
  • “If there is something that you’ve always wanted to do, now is the time to do it.  Just do it!”

There will be stumbling blocks in our lives but I believe those challenges are there to prepare us for even bigger blessings.  Let’s make some lemonade!

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