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Spark & Hustle – Key Takeaways

For all of the women entrepreneurs out there that could not attend the Spark & Hustle conference this year – make sure you put it on your list for next year!! I sent nearly 100 tweets during the conference!  I couldn’t believe the information that was so freely shared.  Here is a list of my favorite tweets from some of the conference’s most dynamic speakers. Check out a full review of the conference here.

  • Sometimes the biggest objection we encounter is within ourselves. @SalesLounge #hustle2010
  • The key to multiple revenue streams is effective collaboration. @lauriebaggett #hustle2010
  • @MichellePippin says income increases in direct relation to how ruthlessly & unapologetically you protect your time #hustle2010
  • @lauriebaggett says Get out of the house. Stop working alone. #hustle2010
  • @lauriebaggett says that we MUST have multiple streams of income as entrepreneurs – prods, svcs, speaking, affiliates, etc. #hustle2010
  • People don’t want information, they want epiphanies! @MillionaireMoms #hustle2010
  • Keep your products fresh. Introduce new products on a consistent basis. #hustle2010
  • Don’t expect to move to higher levels if you haven’t dominated what you are currently doing. @MillionaireMoms #hustle2010
  • Stop complaining and dominate where you are right now!! @MillionaireMoms #hustle2010
  • As soon as you believe in the power of your brand, everyone else will. @brokesocialite #hustle2010
  • If you don’t have a theme song, get one! @brokesocialite #hustle2010
  • Be open to meeting as many ppl as you can. You never know when they can help you or when you can help them. @SalesLounge #hustle2010
  • Getting is a transaction. Giving is a relationship. @SalesLounge #hustle2010
  • # @SalesLounge says everyone has their own sales style. (Find your’s) #hustle2010
  • Attend networking events alone and initiate convo with at least 3 people each time. #hustle2010 @toryjohnson
  • Make it your goal to selflessly help people and it will come back to you (good karma). @tarynp #hustle2010
  • Research attendees before an event. Its disarming. Also be sure to follow-up. (Most ppl don’t and u will stand out). @tarynp #hustle2010
  • Don’t make your “freemium” offer a thinly veiled sales pitch. #hustle2010
  • Have the guts and courage to ask for what you deserve! @toryjohnson #hustle2010
  • Don’t price like a community college if you offer Harvard-level services. @cindymorrison #hustle2010
  • “Determine when you need to say yes to doing free events but don’t be a dog & pony show away from a rodeo” @cindymorrison
  • Business is simple but it isn’t easy! @authenticbeauty #hustle2010
  • Business takes practice…just like eyeliner! @authenticbeauty.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO to others who try to dictate who you should be!! @authenticbeauty #hustle2010
  • @authenticbeauty says You HAVE to do the work on your brand so that others won’t have to guess who you are. (LOVE this!)
  • Define who you are in one sentence. It forces you to be clear about your purpose. @toryjohnson #hustle1010
  • Robyn Spizeman says that we need to put more muscle in our hustle! #hustle2010
  • If women had the same access to VC funds as men do, they would create at least 6 mil jobs says Cynthia Good @PINKmagazine #hustle2010

And perhaps my favorite tip all weekend….

  • “Failure is just feedback!” @pinkmagazine #hustle2010

10 Responses so far.

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  2. fabdogooder says:

    Thank you , thank you , thank you for posting these. I may put a few of these on some note cards.

  3. Fabulous summary. Bravo to you, the speakers and every attendee.

  4. Erika Ward says:

    Thank you for the recap. Bookmarking as I type!

  5. Joi Disroe says:

    Awesome recap and great group of women sharing and making it hapeen for them and others.

  6. Wonderful job capturing the feeling and advice we were all so lucky to gather at Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle 2010 in Atlanta. We all built not only friendships, but long lasting collaborating business associates. I am thankful for those three life changing days!

  7. Tamara says:

    I agree! Great recap! It was also great meeting you this weekend!

  8. Maricela Messner says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It was a pleasure meeting. I look forward to being able to collaborate.

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