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How would you like 52 weeks of paid vacation to travel the world??

For the last 45 days, travel website ParadiseHunter.com has been searching the world for the perfect Travel TV Show host. With a submission deadline of November 5th, applicants only have one week left to submit their videos to apply for the dream job.

The online competition – called “52 Weeks Paid Vacation” – is a search around the world for the ideal Paradise Hunter. The job will pay the travel show host US$60,000 for the year, plus they will receive a property worth up to $150,000 in their paradise destination.

The campaign has drawn significant interest, with applicants coming from more than 20 countries. “It’s great to see applications pour in from around the world,” says Dennis Kambeitz, President & CEO of Paradise Hunter. “It shows that the concept of ‘finding paradise’ crosses over every culture. It’s very inspiring”

Using Social Media to spread the word, Paradise Hunter’s campaign has gone viral. Visitors have come to ParadiseHunter.com from over 170 countries, and traffic to ParadiseHunter.com has exploded, now averaging over 1,000,000 hits a day. “It’s truly a case-study for what can be achieved using Social Media, with a very modest budget,” said Dennis.

As the competition heats up, over 200,000 votes have been cast by the public. But while votes are important, they aren’t everything, explains Dennis, “10 semi-finalists will be chosen by popular vote, but of the top 40 applicants moving forward, 30 will be selected by Paradise Hunter staff. People who are applying in the final week have a very real shot at becoming the next Paradise Hunter.”

“We’re thrilled with the success of this competition,” says Dennis, “but the best part by far has been the videos. We have people singing songs, rapping, doing interpretive dance and climbing mountains to stand out from the crowd. We’ve gotten some amazing applications from actors, news anchors, real estate agents, even New York Times Best Selling Authors and professional football players.”

With the final week for applications, Dennis is expecting big things. “It’s clear from the quantity and quality of the videos that people are passionate about travel and this opportunity. I think we’re going to see a huge amount of applications coming in. Hopefully we can keep up with them.”

About the Job & Application Process

The job, which pays $60,000 USD, will have the host traveling to 12 paradise destinations in search of their paradise. Along the way, they’ll learn about the life, culture and sights of each country. At the end of the year they’ll be given $150,000 towards a property in the country of their choice. Alternatively, they can put the $150,000 towards years worth of vacation accommodations.

Applicants from around the world, 18 years and older, are invited to send in a one-minute video showing why they would make the perfect Paradise Hunter.

Videos will be accepted until November 5th. No experience is required. For more details, and to apply, applicants are invited to visit the “52 Weeks Paid Vacation” competition at http://www.ParadiseHunter.com.

About Paradise Hunter

ParadiseHunter.com is a website that connects people who are looking to buy, sell, and rent vacation homes and properties around the world. In addition to thousands of vacation rental and real estate listings, the website features detailed information on many paradise destinations and offers its visitors travel deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Paradise Hunter is headed by Dennis Kambeitz, a 20-year veteran of the TV industry. The Paradise Hunter team has been involved in the production of more than 300 episodes of broadcast television, airing in more than 70 countries worldwide, on such networks as CBC, CTV, Global, Life Network, Fine Living, ESPN, TSN, and ABC and NBC affiliates.

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