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Self Reflection: Expect Great Things Each Day

I expect great things each day.

Every day, I wake up with a renewed zest for life and the assurance that good things are coming my way. I have positioned myself on the path of opportunity. I expect much; therefore, I receive great things.

I encourage you to welcome each day with open arms. Be ready to embrace success and the lessons that come with failure. Whether dressed in triumph or disguised in defeat, there is something great you can take out of every day. Put away the events of yesterday, and focus on today. Setting daily expectations compels you to live in the moment.  Enjoy the treasures of today instead of living life reminiscing of the past or longing for the future.

While you should anticipate a wonderful tomorrow, don’t let your future expectations prevent you from overlooking the blessings of today. Be not thankful because you are blessed; you are blessed because you are grateful.

When I know what I want out of my day, I can make a plan of action that brings me closer to my goals. Anything is possible when I combine gratitude and hard work with clear expectations.  Focus on the positive aspects of every situation. Positive thinking sets can set you on the path of blessing. Think positively because what you believe in becomes your reality.

Today, align your actions with expectations. I give my all to everything I do, knowing that my work will pay off.

Self-Reflection Homework:

1. What do you expect today?
2. How can you align your actions with your expectations?
3. Why is it important to live in the moment?

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