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Running My Own Race

Recently, I decided to make a bigger commitment to my health and set a weekly goal of running/walking at least 10 miles per week through the summer (June 21-September 22). If I hit my goal, that will be 130 miles! I have not run consistently in two years so this will be a challenge!

So, I hit the trail for my first run of the summer yesterday (#5KOnAWeekday) and at the end of my run, I had an epiphany (I always get the best ideas while running or in the shower).

In the midst of the run, I looked around me and realized that some of the people I had passed in the beginning were breezing by me and conversely, I caught up with others that were far ahead of me initially. At some points during the run, I ran really fast and at other points I jogged slowly. At one point, I thought I had hurt my ankle so I walked slowly. But regardless of my pace, I finished.

When I crossed the finish line, I saw people finish in pairs, with strollers, on bikes, with lots of speed, while walking, while on the phone, limping, and even in a wheelchair. I realized that they finished as well, in their own way. MY way happened to be power walking while J-Lo’s “On The Floor” bumped through my headphones. :-)

The point is, it is okay to use others as motivation or even inspiration. But at the end of the day, run your own race. Don’t worry about how fast or slow others are moving. Don’t concern yourself with the methods they are using to achieve their goals. And most importantly, don’t gauge your success with how you well you measure against someone at any given point in time. Even I am guilty of this from time and time. Keep your own goals in mind at all times and get there the best way you can, utilizing all of the resources you have available to you.

Remember: What is meant for you, is for you and no one can really prevent you from achieving your goals, but you. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

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  1. Tamara says:

    Great insight. I am a firm believer in staying in my own lane and agree that it’s okay to use others as motivation and inspiration like you stated. Well said!

  2. Conchita Perkiss says:

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