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I came to Monique feeling very frustrated about having multiple passions – none of which had to do with my then-day job.  After three sessions with her, I was invigorated and excited about the focus and direction that Monique helped me to find.  Her thorough coaching process was insightful and eye-opening and I refer back to her final recommendations report often as a reminder of my “master plan.”  I’m pleased to say that I’ve since left my day job and going full steam ahead with my goals! I have been singing her praises high and low ever since!  She is intuitive, professional and extremely personable. A definite blessing for me and my business!
Stacey Ferguson aka Justice Fergie, Lifestyle Specialist



Before I talked with Monique, I was interested in too many arenas, yet not pursuing anything.  I was constantly feeling stuck, and frustrated that my dreams and talents were within reach, but I didn’t know how to harness that energy into income generating, inspiring, authentic work.  After consulting with Monique Eddleton, I experienced many A-HA moments.  It helped me to rediscover and refocus my initial passions and how my passions can lead me to executing my divine plan.  I felt like a Claritin commercial at times, not being able to focus on anything, but I can see clearly now with Monique’s guidance.
Stephanie Jones, Owner
Beyond Purpose (www.beyondpurpose.com)



Monique helped me think outside the box of my daily work grind and challenged me to revisit some activities and interests that I found enjoyable in an effort to spur my entrepreneurial spirit. She has a gift of helping people recognize that their passions can be the foundation for viable business ventures.   Her energy was contagious! She was just as excited about my journey as I was and her support has been invaluable.
Kita Hall, Owner
Bags That Beckon (http://www.bagsthatbeckon.com)



I worked with Monique during the  early stages of starting my business. My main problem was being conflicted about my target audience. I was boxing  myself into one specific path and was getting frustrated. Monique helped me to see that is was okay to serve two markets and she guided me into a way that I could serve both markets without getting burned out. I love that she listened to all of my business goals and helped me streamline what was a confusing concept into a clear, doable path.
Tamara Eckles, Desertpreneur
Jem of the South (http://www.jemofthesouth.com)



I found my coaching session with Golden Parachutes to be a refreshing and reaffirming experience. It has given me the motivation to move forward with some ideas that I had, and they solidified. No matter what profession you’re in, a non bias look into your potential future path, could be eye opening for anyone!
Aprille Franks, Author/Speaker



Monique, thanks a million!   It was definitely a pleasure working with you.  Your service proved to be invaluable.  It would have taken me weeks if not months to collect and analyze data that you provided during our sessions.  I appreciate that you were always prompt in contacting me during our scheduled meetings, professional, resourceful, organized and insightful.  These are qualities that I aspire to possess as an up and coming entrepreneur.
Tia Barner, Aspring Entrepreneur



I just want to thank you for giving us information to take our business to the next level. Your tips and advice were very useful and the fact that we were able to start implementing some of the ideas immediately was great! Your suggestions have made us more disciplined, and we’re looking forward to the new business that we’ll generate as a result of your consultation.  Golden Parachutes is truly awesome!
Charlise Johnson, Owner
Instant Allure (www.instantallure.com) & Intimate Eats (http://www.intimateeats.com)



Monique brings an electric energy to every conversation and meeting she participates in. She has an uncanny ability to cultivate excellent working relationships with diverse clients. She is a ‘big idea’ producer. Client satisfaction is her bottom line, and she will do whatever is needed to deliver the results the clients have requested.Parisa Baharian, Vienna, VA

Monique is excellent at recognizing people’s skills and talents. Working with clients, she not only does her research before meetings to be sure she can knows what their issues are, but also thinks beyond the obvious to support them with new ideas, new ways of looking at situations and new solutions. She has strong analytical skills and can take what seems to be routine information and see the possibilities and opportunities for clients. She is encouraging without being insincere and yet is able to point out areas improvements in a way that you feel empowered to overcome those weaknesses Ellen Motley, Gaithersburg, MD

Monique is a straight-shooter who lets you know what she’s thinking in a clear, constructive manner. As a result, she’s truly motivating and gives feedback skillfully. She presents creative ideas and shoots down bad ideas tactfully.Marianna Knight, Vienna, VA

What has always struck me about Monique is her ability to really understand the big picture. Monique has the ability to pick through the static and really understand situational drivers and always provides the right direction.Tony Brooks, Arlington, VA