"The problem is, you think you have time" -- Buddha. Don't waste another minute of your life.

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Have you ever been working on your computer and found that it just doesn’t respond as fast as it used to? It lags, sputters, and even grinds to a halt? When this happens, sometimes the solution can found in a good old-fashioned reboot! When we reboot our computers, we allow it to refresh and work as it is intended to work and as a result, it often operates a lot more smoothly.

Every now and then, we need a fresh start, a reboot, to our careers and sometimes, our lives. We need an opportunity to clear the decks and start over, in order to do and pursue the paths that were intended for us.

Not sure if you need a reboot? Here are seven tell-tale signs that you may be in need a fresh start:

  1. You are completely bored, unmotivated, or burned out in your current position.
  2. You know you are worth more than you are currently earning but have no idea how to make more money.
  3. You consistently dream of doing something else, even while at work, but are not sure how to make the switch.
  4. You’re not receiving any responses to positions for which you’ve applied.
  5. You are not quite sure what you want to do but you know it’s not what you’re currently doing.
  6. You haven’t updated your resume in the past year and you’re not really sure how to showcase all of your accomplishments and experience.
  7. You are deeply yearning for more – more purpose in your profession, more fulfillment, more passion, and deep down inside, you just know.

If any of the above describes you and your current state, then you may be in need of a REBOOT.

If you would like a new, more fulfilling career, in the new year, then we have a whole new slate of programs just for you. Don’t just tolerate your job, do something about it!

REBOOT Your Resume

Did you know that the average recruiter spends less than 30 seconds looking at each resume (most spend less than 10 seconds), and statistically, less than 2% of all applicants get shortlisted for roles? You don’t need to be reminded that competition for all jobs is fierce, and popular roles can receive hundreds of applications – either resumes, application forms or cover letters – or a combination of all three. But how do you ensure that yourapplication is taken seriously, and you don’t end up with just another rejection

Also important are your other career documents as well as your social media presence.  Did you know that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIN to find or validate candidates?? How does your profile stack up against the competition?Are you effectively telling your story?

Our new REBOOT Your Resume Program delivers a professionally written resume, cover letter, AND LinkedIn profile – all in one seamless, comprehensive package for an introductory price of only $199.   If you are ready to have a presence that makes you stand out from the crowd, visit REBOOT Your Resume.


REBOOT Your Life

Ready to make some BIG changes in your life? Not sure where to start? Register for our Best Year Ever two-session, virtual workshop and discover the keys to setting and achieving the goals you really want in 2013. Isnʼt it time to go for the things you really want in your life? Donʼt miss this opportunity to start the New Year off RIGHT!

Our Best Year Ever workshop starts January 7th. Learn more about the program by visiting REBOOT Your Life.


REBOOT Your Career

You may have started to think that it isn’t possible to actually enjoy going to work every day (not true). That jobs are meant to be endured not enjoyed (again, not true). That COOL jobs are reserved for people that “know people” or who have lots of money (ok, sometimes true but we can work around that). The fact is fulfilling and enjoyable careers can be had by most people, once they find the intersection of motivation, and skill.

The REBOOT Your Career  TeleCourse is designed to just that – to serve as the compass that will help to navigate you towards a career that that you will love.  Classes start in July.