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Did you know that in the current job market, there are over 100 applicants for each vacancy? That’s a lot of competition. A cobbled together home-made resume is unlikely to lead to success.

In the current job market, with unemployment hovering at around 8.3%, and the “broad unemployment rate” nearly 18%, it is absolutely essential that your resume make you irresistible to hiring managers.  It needs to highlight the skills you can bring to any position, and minimize any liabilities that would keep you from getting an interview.  You need a resume that really tells an employer what you bring to a position that separates you from the crowd.  You need to communicate YOUR STORY.  

Did you know that the average recruiter spends less than 30 seconds looking at each resume, and statistically, less than 2% of all resumes get shortlisted for roles?

Also important are your other career documents as well as your social media presence.  Did you know that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIN to find or validate candidates?? How does your profile stack up against the competition? Are you effectively telling your story?

You don’t need to be reminded that competition for all jobs is fierce, and popular roles can receive hundreds of applications – either resumes, application forms or cover letters – or a combination of all three. But how do you ensure that your application is taken seriously, and you don’t end up with just another rejection?

Our professional resume service will provide you with an effective resume, turning it into a powerful business case that will persuade a prospective employer to hire you.

If you are getting no response from your current resume, you owe it to your career and yourself to invest in professional career documents – resume, cover letter, and LinkedIN profile.

Our new REBOOT Your Resume Program delivers a professionally written resume, cover letter, AND LinkedIn profile – all in one seamless, comprehensive package for an introductory price of only $199.

If you are ready to have a presence that makes you stand out from the crowd, contact us at Resumes@Golden-Parachutes.com to book an appointment session to discuss your resume needs.

Our introductory priced sessions are limited, so book your appointment today!