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“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

I help you sort through the myriad of ideas that you have running through your head and provide clarity and direction towards viable career paths specifically suited to your passions and skills.  My process is based on the following principles:

1. Sorting through your interests.
What are all of the things that you would like to do? What careers get you most excited? Where are you getting stuck?

2. Assessing your Skills.
Everyone brings skills and capabilities to the table.  Which ones do you possess?

3. Combine Passion with Skills to Create the Life You’ll Love!
The intersection of passion and skills (along with a reality check) will reveal your unique career options.

Ready to get started?!? There are several ways to work with me. Contact me to explore these options.

(1) Power Hour – What do you envision for yourself in 2012? Want to position yourself for a promotion? Need a BIG raise? Looking to transition into a new career? Want to firm up your business plan? All of the above?? If you are looking for great advice at a fantastic price, register with me for a Power Hour! We will use our time together to really get to the heart of your career or business needs and develop a plan that you can implement right away. Prior to each session, you will have a small amount of pre-work that will help me to get up to speed on your situation very quickly. That way, we can dedicate your entire hour  to strategic planning. No question or topic is off limits. I will share ALL of the strategies that fit for your needs.  Fee: $300

(2) E-Coaching – Do you have specific questions that you need answered? Looking for longer-term coaching with schedule flexibility? For those that are interested in extended coaching but don’t want to be tied down to phone or in-person appointment, e-coaching is perfect for you! For 60 days, you get unlimited access to me for four days, every week, to answer your most pressing career questions. With e-coaching, you don’t have to wait for an appointment with me to get your answer. All questions are answered within 24 hours. The best part? E-Coaching costs a fraction of my regular coaching rates! Fee: $200 for 60 days

(3) Private In-Depth Coaching (aka The Full Monty) – Customized coaching program implemented over several weeks that results in a full, detailed career plan designed specifically for you.  Whether you are looking to transition into a new career, side-launch a new business, or are not sure what you want to do (or where to start), my in-depth coaching method will provide the clarity and plan you need to succeed. Fees are determined on a needs basis. PRIVATE COACHING IS CURRENTLY FULL.

(4) The Accountability Club – You have decided on your next career move (to start a business, switch jobs, etc), so why haven’t you actually done anything? The #1 reason people don’t get what they want in life is lack of accountability. Well, the buck stops here!  As a member of the Accountability Club, we will set monthly goals and action steps that you will be responsible for attaining. Then each month, the Club will meet to report progress and determine next steps. The goal of the club is turn intent into action. All procrastinators are welcome!  Club membership: $50/month (six month minimum)

Coming Soon!!

Before You Leap: What You Must Do First to Have a Career You’ll Love (August 2013) -  This new group course will explore, in-depth, how your passions combined with your skills can produce a rewarding and fulfilling career designed around your ideal lifestyle.  Chock full of strategies and exercises, that you will complete in my newly developed Passion to Profession workbook, this course leverages the same process I use to guide my Private Clients to unbelievable career clarity.  The course culminates in the revelation of several viable career options and actionable next steps. Each week you will be guided through my proprietary process via audio classes and every other week, we will meet for a live call to answer all of your questions and gain further insight.

The course is open to a very limited number of students. If you would like to be on the pre-notification list for the course (before it is released to the masses), please fill out the form below!

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