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If you examine any successful person they typically have one thing in common: a mentor. Nearly every successful person in history had someone who they could confide in and learn from when times were tough.” – Gaebler.com

Have you ever met a woman and thought, “I want want to do what SHE does!”?

We all are very familiar with the benefits of having a mentor when embarking upon a career change- someone who possesses knowledge and advice upon which we may rely in order to be successful. Even I am guilty of pushing my clients towards finding mentors or conducting an “informational interview” to help advance their careers or provide insights into a new career path for which they have very little knowledge.

But how does one even find a mentor? How do you ask someone for an informational interview?  What if you are starting your own business? Is there anyone that would be willing to talk to you or will they view you as competition?

For all of the reasons above, I created What SHE Does!: A Sixty Minute Mentoring Program (TM)

What is it?

What SHE Does! is a phone/Skype-based mentoring program exclusively for women that allows career changers access to experts in the fields in which they are interested. Our database (which is continually updated) contains women with expertise across an array of career fields – many who own their own business, and all who have been in their fields for at least three years.  In addition, all of the women featured on our site have a commitment and desire to share their expertise with other women looking to enter into their field.

How does it work?

Simply browse the database and identify the career and expert you with whom you are interested in connecting. Fill out the submission form with your contact information and note the expert that you would like to interview.  A representative from our team will contact you to set-up a mutually convenient time for you to meet and interview your mentor.  You will be provided with a set of standard questions to ask your mentor, in case you are not sure where to start.  Mentors are encouraged to share their expertise and insights with mentees, as much as possible within the 60 minute time frame. Mentees are able to reschedule additional time with mentors if they choose by selecting the service again.If your selected career qualifies, you may also be provided with the FabJob Guide for your selected career.

There is a fee of $150 per session. Mentees are able to reschedule additional time with mentors if they choose by selecting the service again.

Our Experts

Our experts were hand-chosen by our team and represent the the pinnacle of excellence in their fields.  Here is a sneak peek at a few of the career fields that are currently represented:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Photography
  • Blogging/Social Media
  • Stylist/Image Consulting
  • Event Planning
  • Boutique Owner
  • Skin Care/Make up Artistry
  • Real Estate
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Law
  • Wedding Planning
  • Large Scale Event Production

The career list changes often so check back on a regular basis. The official program website launches this summer!

To learn more about the program, sign up below!

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