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Looking for a new career and don’t know where to begin?  Check out the following resources to help guide the way!

Career Transition Books

Free Online Career Tests

  • Work Preference Inventory – Offered by Career Perfect, this short, easy to fill out inventory offers job seekers a unique career test based on personal values.
  • What Career Suits Your Personality – iVillage offers this quick and easy assessment that generates a list of suitable career options based on your personality type.
  • The Princeton Review Career Quiz – is a free quiz that you can complete in minutes. When you’re done, you’ll know more about your interests, style, and motivators.
  • The Classic IQ Test – Offered by TestQ, this test can determine your IQ in only 40 questions.
  • What Should You Be When You Grow Up? - Everyone asks this question at some point in their lives. Take this assessment by TestQ and you may be closer to an answer.
  • The Brain Test – You’ve heard people talk about being right or left brained, now you can easily discover how your mind best works. At TestQ you can learn more about yourself with this assessment developed by top PhDs.

Fee Based Online Career Tests

  • CareerPlanner.com – offers online career testing to point you in the direction of your ideal career. This assessment uses the popular RIASEC categories for matching your personality to potential career options.
  • MAPP – (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment – With one assessment you can discover your communication style, strengths, interests, skills, and leadership style. Discover what career is the right one for you.
  • TypeFocus – offers a Myers-Briggs type career assessment test. This fee based test analyzes your personality and shows you what careers are a natural fit.

Resources for Entreprenuers