"The problem is, you think you have time" -- Buddha. Don't waste another minute of your life.

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Are you feeling stuck?

Are you suffering in a job you hate or are you feeling like you are meant to do so much more than your current career path allows?

Do you dream of doing “something else”/”something more” with your life?

Would you love to make a transition into a new career but hesitate because:

- you don’t think you will make enough money?
- you don’t have the required skills/expertise?
- you afraid you will have to start “at the bottom”?
- you aren’t sure where to start?
- you are afraid?


There Is a Way to Make Your Dream Job a Reality!

Everyone possesses unique talents and gifts that they are obligated to share with the world.  Anything less would be downright selfish! You are drawn towards certain passions and careers for a reason – they are the voice of your soul.  What you need to know is that you CAN get paid for doing what you love.  What would your life be like if you knew that you could have your dream job.  How much happier would you be?  How much freer would you feel?  How would those emotions translate to your family and friends?  What other goals could you achieve?


You Need a Plan!

The key to making this all work is a great plan.  If you are currently working, you need a transition plan that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.  And if you’re not working, you need a plan to put your dreams into action.  A good transition plan helps to:

- minimize risk
- clarify goals and expectations
- determine resources needed
- empower you to make strategic, not impetuous decisions

You Also Need a Fantastic Coach!

My name is Monique Eddleton and I am a Career Transition expert.  I have coached dozens of clients from a variety of backgrounds who all had one thing in common – they wanted more fulfilling lives by making a living doing what they love.  When working with me, you will be equipped with all of the tools and resources you will need to make a smooth career transition.   I will show you how to land your dream job (or create your dream job if you are ready to be an entrepreneur) by using my unique Living the D.R.E.A.M. Formula

So What are You Waiting For?

Take the first step today towards your dream job.  Join my mailing list (on the right hand side of the page) and contact me today!